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Campfire Safety for Adventure Sports Businesses

Some of the best summer memories are made around a glowing campfire. At the end of a long day, or a mid-day lunch break, nothing compares to the warmth and peacefulness fire brings. However, building and managing a campfire with a group of people comes with major responsibility as a fire can quickly become a hazard. Not only can a single campfire be the reason for a wildfire, but it could also leave others severely burned. Here’s how to responsibly build and put out a campfire to keep your guests and the surrounding land safe.

How to Build a Safe Campfire

When your fire pit is in a remote area, dig a pit away from branches or other flammable hazards. Your pit should be at least 8 feet if not more away from anything flammable such as bushes, grass, or other trees.

Once the pit has been dug, it’s time to build a safe and beautiful campfire. Using the natural elements around you, gather dried leaves, add kindling (buy local wood whenever possible to avoid invasive insects and diseases), and small twigs. To keep the fire going for a longer amount of time add the largest pieces of wood to the fire first.

Be Mindful of the Match

If you are starting your campfire with a match, pour water over it to completely extinguish it or throw it directly into the fire to burn. Stray away from using lighter fluid, kerosene or gas to start your fire. While these items are extremely flammable, they can also leak, causing a line of fire.

Watch Out for Others

Never leave a campfire unattended. Even if you are going to prepare dinner for a group of folks, always make sure someone who is trained in campfire safety is monitoring it. Something as little as a breeze can spark a much bigger fire. Remember, you can always restart a fire, but you cannot always stop a major fire.

 As others enjoy the fire, keep an eye out for loose items around the base of it. Try to remove any tripping hazards and keep your guests a reasonable distance away from the fire. Some may try to creep closer if it’s chilly out and stick their hands near it. Offer gloves, hand warmers, or an additional blanket to stop them from getting so close to the fire. Burns can quickly happen when someone puts their shoes or hands right into a fire.

Putting Out the Fire

One of the most important parts of a successful campfire is making sure it is completely put out before leaving the site. Dump water on the fire and stir the ashes around with a shovel. Maintain a good distance away from the fire as you do this, debris from the fire and smoke can get into your eyes making it difficult to see. The campfire should be completely cold before leaving it unattended.

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